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Music Editor at the Times Union

Parade of CDs
New music blossoms in the Capital Region

(First published: Thursday, March 12, 2009)

After hibernating through much of the long winter, Capital Region musicians are beginning to emerge from their dark recording-studio lairs with brand new CDs in their hot, little paws.
First out of the box this week is the dynamic twosome of vocalist Nicole Peyrafitte and bassist Michael Bisio, who will join forces on stage tonight at Justin's in Albany to celebrate the release of their debut live album, "Whisk! Don't Churn!" on the Ta'wil label.Both are fearlessly adventurous musicians, and the performance on this disc — recorded at Justin's in November — captures it all magnificently. Spoken-word and multilingual vocalizations engage in masterful swordplay with sonic bass explorations.
As CD producer Pierre Joris says, the two artist-musicians "have developed an ongoing and challenging conversation based on their unconditional dedication to their chosen modes of expression." Open your ears wide and if you listen close enough to the provocative sounds of Bisio and Peyrafitte, you'll hear the sound of a kitchen whisk played like a Stradivarius.


Laura Hinton
Poet, Critic, Professor Editor, Mermaid Tenement Press
How to Cook Live Poetry: The Performance Art of Nicole Peyrafitte
May 12, 2009

...The CD’s experiments with sound, words, and their sonoric combinations are mesmerizing. They explore not only the range and power of Peyrafitte’s unique female voice, but they explore also the way in which the voice of a human body – as it locates itself in both in a multiple range of tonalities and within multiple-linguistic “settings” -- can yoke itself to the body of a bass that sounds itself out from a wooden “belly.”.. full review here

Jacme Gaudas
Journalier, théoriste culturel, Co-fondateur d'

Nicole Peyrafitte / Michael Bisio

J’aime sa cuisine ! Une basse qui bat. Une basse qui coule des sons heureux. De son costat Pyrène vocalrythme son camin on the linha. « Elle a coulé la rivière, elle a coulé la rivière, elle a coulé… entre mes seins elle se répand. Elle a coulé la rivière jusqu’au nombril, jusqu'à l’étang… Flash ! Les Pyrénée. Et sus aqueste camin compostable la Peyrafitte, Vénus en cap, croise les langues. French with l’accent de Luchon, amerlocK d’Albany, comingés a la mèscla . C’est l’oracle. Elle convoque Michaux, les Montagnards, les Nymphes, Mustapha Benfodi, Saadi Youssef, Pierre Joris… Et ils viennent, à pied d’œuvre. Bon cal dire qu’aici les passages ne sont pas Col mais Port. Alors enbarcament, embascament pour d’autres rives. Bagdad, Alger, Gaza, Ramallah… Dépoussiérer, barrater, « Whisk ! Don’t churn ! » celebrates that rare occasion: a profondly original quest.


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